Wholesale Services

Organic Farming and 100% eco-friendly packaging


We obtain whole goods from every part of the world from our farms or farm partners, so cutting the plant products is a process we employ every day. Leaves and flowers, berries and roots, timbers, barks and herbs are expertly chopped up every day in several processing stages.


Metal detectors identify and separate even the smallest metal particles, and airstreams separate out stones, stalks and other heavy particles. The result: plant-based products of a very special quality.


Like cutting, milling is also one of our everyday production processes. So it’s no surprise that with our tried and tested mills we can produce powders as fine as matcha from almost all raw materials.


If pest control should be an issue, we can deal with it. Using natural CO, pests are dealt with simply, reliably and in a completely environmentally-friendly way.

Steam Treatment

As far as microbacterial contamination is concerned, we put things right effectively and safely with a short steaming process.


We package our products according to our customers’ wishes, ranging from units of 20 grams through to large orders, both in standard or customer-specific pack sizes.


Large drums mix our products slowly and carefully. Slow revolution speeds demand much more time, but cause much less breakage. We produce our mixtures for a wide variety of customers.