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Color Changing Teas

Color-changing magic teas contain one of the world’s only 3 blue teas: organic blue butterfly pea flowers, blue mallow flowers or black goji berries.

Blue teas have been the social media hit this year, allowing you to create beautiful beverages that change their color magically!

Naturally your tea will be a vivid blue color but add a slice of lemon and you’ll be able to watch this tea turn pink right before your eyes!

Colorful Flowers & Petals

Beautiful, vivid cornflowers in all organic blue, pink, purple, white and black. Grown and dried naturally, non-GMO.

The perfect ingredient to decorate salads, soups, pastas, meat dishes or desserts. A pleasure for all senses!

Discover our Spring Flower Blend, dried sunflower petals and mouth-watering marigold petals … 100% natural ingredients, made with love in Germany. Natural, Organic, Raw!

Let us take you through a magical journey through the world’s most exotic ingredients…

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100% Natural – Made from the goodness of real flowers
From farms to production, we know what goes into our products

Colorful Matcha

Organic matcha teas in blue, red and pink that will blow your mind! Made using the same traditional stone grinding techniques as in Japanese green tea matcha these fascinating matchas are made from butterfly pea flowers, hibiscus flowers and pristine rose petals.

We recommend the « Colorful Matcha Bundle » – a beautiful gift set consisting of all 3 organic blue, red and pink matchas in eco-friendly, reusable bamboo tubes.

Organic Rainbow Food Coloring

Get the entire range of colors on your desserts, cakes and into your drink – yes, we even have an all natural blue color you can use as food dye in frosting, smoothie bowls and beverages (it’s made from powdered butterfly pea flowers by the way).

The world is filled with beautiful, healthy plants that can be turned into 100% natural food dye – so why would you want to color your food with harmful chemical dyes…

How about a delicious black charcoal latte, golden milk or a color-changing blue cocktail made with butterfly pea flower powder?

We’re constantly adding new colors, so make sure to come back often or subscribe to our newsletter!

Sets & Bundles

Shop entire collections of our products in convenient combos at heavily discounted prices.

Not sure which products in our shop are right for you? The products contained in the sets on the right are our best-selling items – guaranteed awesome and delicious!

Tea Blends

Your average cup of tea is boring, so we’ve decided to change that!

We’re masterblending unique tisanes in our Artisanal Tea Manufacture located in Germany using exotic ingredients such as organic blue mallow flowers, rosebuds, pandan, black and red goji berries, chrysanthemum blossoms, bael fruit and many more…

Being passionate foodhunters our founding team is constantly travelling the globe to discover the next fantastic ingredient to use in our tea blends.

You’ll be amazed at how refreshing a cup of organic, natural tea can taste if you’re used to sugary, chemical teas!


We’re almost at the end of our shop, so make sure to order a few of our beverage accessories with your order.

As always everything is eco-friendly and all natural using only bamboo.

There are two different kind of bamboo containers for your tea, a helpful matcha whisk to prepare colorful matchas, a reusable bamboo drinking straw and spoon and finally bath teabags filled with exotic herbs and spices which are perfect to transform your full bath into an unforgettable experience!

Bulk Packaging & Wholesale

Bestsellers are available in bulk packaging for those of you who either L-O-V-E our products or run a café/restaurant/hotel/catering business – or both!

Available in packs of up to 1kg/2.2lbs these offers will allow you to create thousands of dishes or cocktails at the recommended serving size of 0.5g/cup.

Business owner?

Make sure to apply for a wholesale account for all wholesale prices and access to all products listed above at heavily discounted rates. Order within minutes with 48hour express delivery courtesy of UPS, TNT and DHL Express.

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