We grow natural blue tea

Use Bluechai flowers to create blau drinks, teas & cocktails

Discover organic blue teas & food dye that magically change (blau

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All natural, 100% organic ingredients

Sourced directly, supporting indigenous people, the planet and biodiversity. All our products are 100% natural.

Magic color-changing drinks

Bluechai flowers have the natural ability to change color from blue to pink when mixed with lemon/lime jucie. Try it yourself and be amazed!

Exotic & Unique with a WOW effect

We focus on rare, exotic and unique teas & food colorings. Explore teas you’ve never seen or tasted before.

We ship worldwide - Fast & 100% Secure

We offer 100% secure online shopping on all pages, awesome customer service and worldwide priority registered airmail through DHL.

We Are Bluechai

A passionate team with a mission to explore the world for natural, exotic ingredients.

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Discover amazing color-changing beverages

Add lemon juice to your Bluechai and it will magically turn pink.

How about a blue color-changing cocktail that will slowly change its color in front of your eyes?

Visit our inspiration und recipe pages to get an idea what amazing cocktails and blue foods are out there.


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