Bluechai Blue Tea Pictures

Enjoy this extensive picture gallery of dried butterfly pea flowers, perfect to find inspiration for your next brew of Bluechai!

Use Bluechai tea to make delicious hot/iced tea or use it as natural food coloring. If you’d like to submit your own creations, please get in touch with us!

We’d love to see what delicious recipes or tea creations you’ve come up with and even let our followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram now.

Organic Blue Matcha
Blue onigiri with spicy tuna-wakame filling, nettle salt, and cress. The blue color of the rice is achieved completely naturally using the secret ingredient of butterfly pea flowers from @bluechaitea.
A delicious cup of butterfly pea tea, served on ice. Enjoy!
Picking fresh Bluechai butterfly pea flowers on our farm
"Blue Pool" tea, made to emanate the color and taste of the Tamolitch Blue Pool. Brewed with butterfly pea flowers and an assortment of foraged wild hers I gathered on my hike: wild ginger, cedar, fir tip, yarrow, and pipsissewa. Image use with permission of @betsy.hinze
Organic Farming and 100% eco-friendly packaging
Bluechai flowers, also known as butterfly pea flowers or Asian pigeonwings after harvest
Fresh Bluechai butterfly pea flowers being harvested early in the morning for the best taste and color. Yummy!
Fresh butterfly pea flowers from our farm, ready to be sun dried and packed into our eco-friendly Bluechai packaging