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We’re a small team from Germany and we’re in love with exploring the world for extraordinary teas, growing and sourcing them directly, supporting indigenous people, the planet and biodiversity. It all started in early 2016 when we launched Bluechai to sell our all organic blue teas beyond the borders of our small town. Our teas are naturally blue, can change their color (we’re totally serious!) and come in wooden boxes or bamboo tubes that can be upcycled, 100% recycled and re-used.

First things first, on the right hand side you can see a delicious cup of iced Bluechai Blue Tea made from 100% dried butterfly pea flowers. Bluechai does not contain any harmful colorants or artifical stuff, in fact the blue dye contained in our teas is a natural blue food dye that can be used to color basically anything blue. The scientific term for these natural food colors is anthocyanins, you can find out more about them in our FAQ section. There are also loads of health benefits of butterfly pea flower tea, many of which have been scientifically researched and proven to be accurate.

A delicious cup of butterfly pea tea, served on ice. Enjoy!

Naturally blue tea that changes color

It’s pretty difficult to describe this magical color-changing ability of Bluechai tea, so it’s probably best if we show you using photos and videos, head over to our YouTube channel or Instagram page for the latest recipe ideas and videos.

Brewing butterfly blue pea tea only takes approx. 3 minutes using boiling water, or a few hours if you use a cold-steep method by simply placing the Bluechai tea in cold water. Bluechai Blue Tea or any of the blend containing our organic butterfly pea flowers can be enjoyed either hot or ice cold, honey goes along nicely.

The best part for many isn’t the already amazing color of the tea but the fascinating color change from blue to pink/purple/violet when lemon or lime juice is added. Watch your cup of tea or your blue cocktail slowly change it color as you pour a little lemon juice into your cup/glass, a teaspoon full of any acidic juice is enough.

Another benefit of the butterfly pea flowers is that they can be used as natural food dye, so you can finally turn any dish naturally blue without having to add chemicals to it. Our customers have created the most amazing recipes, ranging from blue lattes, to blue burger buns, blue pasta, cakes … you name it! Shoutout to all the barkeepers out there, Bluechai tea is the basis for amazing color-changing cocktails. A hint: add lemon juice to your ice cubes and wow your customers as their drink slowly changes color.

Organic Farming and 100% eco-friendly packaging

As a FDA registered tea producer we adhere to thorough quality checks and regularly apply for phytosanitary certificates from the public health department here in Germany to assure all our customers of the impeccable quality we produce as opposed to cheap but contaminated butterfly pea flowers often produced elsewhere.

By combining farming without harmful chemicals with eco-friendly packaging we created a product you truly can fall in love with. Our beautiful wooden packaging, see below, is not only environmentally friendly but could even be fully decomposed.

Organic Farming and 100% eco-friendly packaging

Bluechai is your purveyor of exotic and unique teas and cocktails ingredients.

Who is Bluechai and what’s it about?

We’re a passionate team with a mission to explore the world for natural, exotic ingredients.

The flagship tisane is Bluechai Blue Tea made from 100% organic dried butterfly pea flowers and lemongrass, harvested daily during bloom in the early morning hours and then sun-dried, no chemicals are used in the process. Bluechai is also a purveyor of special tea blends created from organic lemongrass, bael fruit, pandan, hibiscus and many more exotic ingredients.

The butterfly pea flower has been used in various ways, ranging from tea to cooking, baking, and decorating to being used in health products and shampoo.

Bluechai is exotic, natural tea which will leave you stunned and amaze you like no other drink! Bluechai’s color is naturally blue, without any additives or chemicals. This special and unique color (there is no other naturally blue tea available) is not the only amazing feature that the tea has to offer though.

The color-changing ability makes Bluechai a true eye catcher. By adding a few drops of lemon or lime juice your entire drink turns from blue to purple within seconds.

This can be used for fascinating effects in the food service industry, be it naturally blue rice, noodles or blue cocktails which get served at the bar in blue and gradually turn purple while in the customer’s hands.

This color-changing experience is fascinating for both adults and kids alike.

Bluechai Blue Tea changing color

We, Stefan Dorn, Nawaporn Chotechamchoi and Barbara Dorn, founded our startup “Fluxias GmbH” in March 2016 through which we run

We focus on tea and cocktail products with unique properties for that special “Wow” effect when consumed.
Our passion is to discover exotic ingredients all over the world and to create amazing products that our customers fall in love with.

Since opening shop our teas have been featured on television and in magazines such as Bon Appétit, Glamour, Joy, Self and Business Insider. On social media drinks made with #Bluechai are a big hit as users uploads selfies and videos of their color-changing drinks.

Currently our tea selection consists of 10 teas, all of which have certain exotic features or aren’t commonly available. For our teas we only select organic ingredients like blue butterfly pea flowers, pandan leaves, lemongrass, bael fruit, chrysanthemum, rare black goji berries, hibiscus blossoms, German hops and many other flowers and herbs.



Project Manager - Creative Lead/Product Design

Nawaporn is the creative brain behind Bluechai and handles all international communication. If you don't find her in the warehouse working on new blends and designs, she'll take care of supply chain manageent and analyzes the impact of our farms on social and agricultural factors. She loves to travel and find that next "special" ingredient in her blends.



Stefan is Bluechai's CEO and handles marketing strategy, media requests and business analytics. Managed industry leading AdWords/Analtics accounts in Singapore, Germany, Switzerland and the USA. Dedicated food hunter.


Financial Management

Barbara is the tea and spice genius here at Bluechai. She provides us with knowledge on the B2C and B2B markets with her background in sales, financial and asset accounting. Through her industry connections she expands the distribution network of Bluechai globally.


Where can you buy Bluechai?

We’re selling all Bluechai teas and many more peculiarities through our shop at We place great emphasis on pure, natural ingredients but also on design, packaging and re-usability. Excellent customer support and transparent communication are as important to us as fast shipment. Bluechai teas get shipped worldwide from our warehouse in Germany and reach customers through sophisticated logistics anywhere in the world within 7 days.

Several bars, hotels and spas in the United States, Denmark, Germany and the United Arab Emirates already offer Bluechai as tea and in fancy cocktails. We’re currently setting up a distribution network in Germany through which Bluechai will be available locally in shops and delis by the end of the year.


What makes Bluechai “blue”, and why does it change color?

Bluechai is made of a special flower called butterfly pea that is naturally blue. The blue color is caused by an interplay of anthocyanidin and hydroxycinnamic acids that protect the flower from hydrolytic degradation. The color is basically a protection against harmful UV rays. The plant’s natural flavonoids are dissolved simply by adding hot water onto the (dried) flowers and thereby making your cup of tea, or cocktail, naturally blue.

The color change from blue to purple is caused by a change in pH value, for example by adding a few drops of citrus juice. Bluechai therefore is a natural pH indicator. You can even reverse the color-change by adding baking soda, so your purple drink turns back blue right in front of your eyes.

Why did you launch a startup selling tea?

We were hit with the idea while studying abroad in Asia. As passionate tea drinkers we discovered fantastic teas, many of which we had never heard of. We immediately fell in love with the colors and flavors. Back at home our stock from abroad didn’t last long and enthusiastic friends asked for it again and again and wanted more. Since the teas were not available on the German market, we decided to produce these ourselves.

We’re proud to inspire people with our tea creations and love to hear from customers who tell us how blown away theough the y are by their experience with Bluechai teas. Thrcultivation and sale of Bluechai teas we’re able to build small tea and tisane plantations in different countries, allowing local farmers there to grow organically and in close collaboration with us.

The Bluechai brand was born out of a previous project called GetSiam. GetSiam was an online shop for everything Asia, allowing everybody around the globe to order products manufactured in Asia. Our most popular product and overall bestseller was the dried butterfly pea flower tea and hence we decided to focus on this tea entirely and created the Bluechai brand with major improvements in production, harvesting, packaging and shipping in order to create a premium tea that customers all over the world will enjoy.

Stefan, the founder of Bluechai, has discovered the butterfly pea tea during his studies in Asia. Being delighted by the tea and the many uses as food coloring he enjoyed a cup of the blue tea almost every day but was unable to purchase the tea after his return to Germany. Wanting to introduce this tea to the rest of the world, he created the, now run by Fluxias GmbH, with the help of friends.

Bluechai now runs the only online tea shop to sell premium dried butterfly pea exclusively with happy customers from all around the world.

Its rich, refreshing taste combined with the wonderful, intense blue color makes it the perfect drink! Enjoy either hot or cold. If you go cold, go ice-cold and add some honey & lime juice.
Produced fresh every day from premium butterfly pea flowers, handpicked during the early morning hours and then sun-dried in Asia’s sizzling heat.
Bluechai is then packed in high quality sachets to preserve its flavor and color for up to 2 years. 100% organic, natural tisane – all sachets are sealed to ensure freshness.

Bluechai Blue Tea is organic blue tea made from dried butterfly pea flowers and lemongrass. It is classified as an caffeine free herbal tea and has been used as tea in Asia for centuries. Bluechai’s Blue Tea is the world’s first and only blue tea. The scientific name of the plant is Clitoria ternatea, common names include butterfly-pea, blue-pea, and cordofan-pea.

What makes you special or unique?

Bluechai is blue tea, that’s pretty special! It is probably the tea with the deepest blue hue out there, yet it’s completely natural and organic. In fact the anthocyanin in the butterfly pea is so strong that it can infuse its blue color into food and fabrics. In Asia the flower has long been used to cook blue rice, make all kinds of sweets, drinks and even to darken hair and fabrics.

There are also numerous health benefits to Bluechai.

The antioxidant proanthocyanidin improves blood flow through the capillaries of the eyes. This helps the eyes to adjust more quickly to changes in light and improve sharpness of vision. It has also been shown to be effective in stopping the progression of cataracts, helping to treat damage to the retina, as well as improving night vision.

Bluechai is also known to improve cell health by stopping the harmful effects of free radicals that can wear down cellular tissues. Premature wrinkles and other signs of skin aging are also reduced when proanthocyanidins are present because they are able to increase the collagen and elasticity of the skin cells.

The anthocyanin is considered as secondary metabolite that acts as a powerful antioxidant which is stronger than Vitamin E. It is richly found in the butterfly pea flower, and of course in our Bluechai Tea. When anthocyanin is consumed, it helps detoxification of free radicals that damage our cells to prevent the risk of cancer, reduces ageing effects and keeps our skin healthy.

Are there anything you are doing to promote sustainability?

We compensate the farmers in a fair manner due to the increased workload associated with growing tea without any chemicals and pesticides. We’re proud to support local communities with the sale of Bluechai internationally. Our packaging is paper, aluminium or wood based and re-usable. As we want to offer you the freshest tea possible, Bluechai is packed in zipper-lock bags, aluminium tin cans or wood rools which can be reused often and thus cause less waste.

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